SEAL Wolf in Too Deep - Heart of the Wolf series, book 18
By Dottie
Feb 4, 2016 - 11:56:48 AM

With his best friend and partner Paul sidelined after a mission gone awry, Navy SEAL and police diver Allen Rappaport is saddled with a new partner, police diver Debbie Renaud. Although he admires her for her professional abilities and beauty, he has a problem. Both Paul and Allen are wolf shifters and Debbie is a human. Working closely together, Allen is finding it a strain to keep his wolfish abilities from her notice. Plus the attraction between them is plain for all to see, but any relationship with her is impossible, as he well knows. Although Allen is aware that getting involved with Debbie is too dangerous, he is finding her hard to resist. When a woman shifter turns up dead, Allen must investigate without letting Debbie get too close.

Debbie cannot believe her good fortune at being paired with a top notch diver like Allen. He is so hot she would like to be more to him than just his work partner. But she is sure he is hiding something from her and she is determined to find out what it is. However, when she gets caught up between a wolf shifter hunter and his prey, she discovers a world she never knew existed…Allen’s world.

An exciting tale, SEAL WOLF IN TOO DEEP, the eighteenth book in USA Today bestselling author Terry Spear’s HEART OF THE WOLF series, is a clever, adventure-packed paranormal romance that is sure to captivate readers. Allen and Debbie are well matched and the attraction between them is undeniable. I especially enjoyed the scenes following Debbie’s discovery that wolf-shifters really exist. I also liked that Allen was so patient with her, though some of the scenes made me laugh out loud. A feisty heroine, Debbie is definitely not a beta.

Mystery, danger, secrets, action-packed scenes, passion, humor, suspense, diving missions, wolf shifters and romance combine to provide readers with another delectable entry in Ms. Spear’s already delightfully intriguing SEAL WOLF series. As a huge fan of Ms. Spear’s works, all it takes is seeing her name on the cover to make it a must read for me.

Despite being part of a series, SEAL WOLF IN TOO DEEP can be read as a standalone. But for additional enjoyment and insight, be sure to also pick up a copy of the other books in this series and watch for her next novel, ALPHA WOLVES NEED NOT APPLY, due to release in the summer of 2016.

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