Settler's Mine 1: The Rivals

Author: Mechele Armstrong

Publisher: Loose Id

Release Date: July, 03, 2007

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4

Format: EBOOK

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Balt and Orion are rival bounty hunters that are sent after the same prey. Each is anxious to obtain this bounty that will set them up for life. Legendary for their rivalry, nothing good can come from them both showing up at the same place.


Layla is in hiding from a very powerful man. It will mean her life if the bounty hunters find her. She hopes that by disguising herself and hiding in plain site, she will avoid being caught. Unfortunately, Balt and Orion have discovered her hiding place. What is more surprising is that the heart stones they wear around their necks, for identifying their mates, are glowing. They are her mates, and that places them all in danger.


Thrilling action and heated passion are found in Mechele Armstrong's latest science fiction romance, THE RIVALS, the first book in the new series called, SETTLER'S MINE. Wonderfully compelling characters share an amazing chemistry and burn up the pages in this fascinating erotic adventure. Suspense builds, leading to some amazing action as danger surrounds the three main characters.


The rivalry between the two men, coupled with the attraction they try to initially deny, lead to many heated and sometimes funny scenes. Their rivalry and their individual need to be in control rolls over into their intimate exchanges, with each trying to prove dominance. Passion finally explodes between Orion and Balt in combustible scenes meant to stimulate the senses and leave pulses racing.


Layla is an amazing character with fascinating skills. She finds herself in danger through no fault of her own. She is quite easy to become attached to as she risks everything to keep her mates safe. The breath taking action and blazing passion of THE RIVALS left me looking forward to upcoming future books detailing the happenings at Settler's Mine.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Anita

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