Silent Night, Haunted Night, Nikki Styx Book 4
By Wendy
Oct 1, 2009 - 5:53:04 PM

Nicki Styx can see the dead.  Over a year ago, she almost died and when she was revived, she found out that she could see and talk to the dead.  She helps the spirits cross over into the light.

She's been with Joe for over a year now and they've been through many things together that have only made their relationship stronger.  But one night, Nicki is suddenly wide awake and unable to move as three faces hover over the bed; a crone, a beautiful woman, and a young girl.  They vow that she will pay and that they will take Joe from her.


Joe suddenly started having erotic night dreams that are really causing a rift in his relationship with Nicki.  She explains to him that it's the Three Fates who are at work here trying to split them up, but he doesn't believe her.  When he suddenly finds her in Sammy's arms, the devil himself, he breaks up with her.  She is heartbroken and devastated, but is determined to stop the Three Fates from ensnaring Joe in their web at any cost. 


SILENT NIGHT, HAUNTED NIGHT, BOOK 4 is another great addition to the series.  Humor, romance, mystery and a cast of ghosts that will have you turning the pages late into the night.  Nicki is a phenomenal character who makes some hard choices and does some growing up in this latest installment.  Ghoulishly Fantastic!

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