Slaves of Love

Author: Elizabeth Batten-Carew

Publisher: Loose ID LLC

Release Date: November 2005

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5

Format: EBOOK

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Shena's father had always threatened to sell her into slavery if he ever discovered she had been with a man. An unfortunate lie had her on the brink of being sold, and with his untimely death her fate was sealed. A greedy man who had been her father's minion sold her into slavery.

Keern, the man who had claimed her as his woman to save her from being raped, deserved at least a kiss. A kiss turned into an all out awakening of passions she'd never known. However, he'd left her very much the virgin she had come to him as.

Keern lusted for Shena beyond reason. However, his brother was dead because of her lie. He tried to forget her, blaming her for the murder of his brother and vowed she would pay for the death of his beloved brother. Shock went through him to discover Shena had been sold to the slavers, and though he was angry with her, he shuddered with jealous revulsion at the very thought of anyone else touching her. He had to save her, telling himself he was only saving her so he could take out his revenge upon her.

SLAVES OF LOVE is an erotic and slightly voyeuristic treat. Find out if Shena can convince Keern of her innocence before it is too late by reading this enticing story.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Carol

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