Soulful Sex: The Paranormal Collection

Author: Diana Laurence

Publisher: Living Beyond Reality Press

Release Date: 2006

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4

Format: EBOOK

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Come into a world of where pirates and true magic exists, and love bonds are formed between souls before they are even born. Come step into the sexy paranormal world of Diana Laurence.

What consists as HARMLESS PLEASURE is very well based on each individual's appreciation of a situation, as Peri, a genuine magician working in Performers' Park, finds out when she is "invited" to the infamous Pleasure Halls of Nalif. Initiated by the Great Nirahd himself, ruler of all the land into a whole new area of sexual practices, Peri experiences passion and lust as she never had before. But even a humble worker of True Magic can teach this epicurean with the highest tastes in carnal pleasure a thing or two when it comes to the simple joys of love, and life.

With such an inspiring tale, Diana gives hope to us readers that whatever the circumstances may be, there is always hope of charming our very own prince.

In a DEAD MAN'S CHEST, Monica finds the ultimate addition to her pirate collection. In fact, she gets more that what she bargains for when a real life pirate shows up in her living room. Would this be the culmination of all her dreams and fantasies or an introduction to a life she never anticipates before? Whatever it will be, Monica is all set to enjoy everything her sexy pirate has to offer!!

Diana definitely takes us along for the experience and allows us to have a jolly good romp on the beach with Monica and her pirate without sand getting into everything!

CONJUGALS, linked from the womb, they are two halves of a whole, brought up together, to be reunited in marriage at the age of twenty. Such is the fate of those who are conjugated in the Conjugation Ritual. Faedl is a one half of a conjugated pair but she has been denied any knowledge of her status, due to her stepfather's stand on this "abomination against free will". The sudden appearance of her promised mate on the morning of her twentieth birthday throws Faedl's life and beliefs into chaos, as she struggles to reconcile her feelings, and comes to know this beloved stranger of her soul.

Diana trills again by putting our secret desire to words. For who does not relish finding out they have a soul mate of their very own. The protector and caregiver who will share all our life experiences together!

THE PARANORMAL COLLECTION of Diana Laurence's Soulful Sex series is just what it states, sensual satisfaction for the body and soul. Told in three totally different settings, these unique stories give glimpses into what a great sexual encounter can do for the participating parties. Diana definitely keeps you enchantingly entranced with the steamy passion she sprinkles within the strange and wonderful happenings of her tales.


By Romance Junkies Reviewer: J.T.

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