Tapestries, Book 4 – Threads of Destiny
By Chrissy Dionne
Apr 1, 2009 - 6:30:14 AM

Kathryn works as a scientist on Project Alpha, an experiment where male genetic engineering and computer programming are combined to create male babies who will grow into alphas.  Most of the subjects have been deemed unsuitable and destroyed by the Council.  Despite the risks, Kathryn’s fighting to save two of the ‘super soldiers’ who befriended her but their chance of survival against the Council’s forces looks to be highly improbable.

Marc Garen has no illusions about the laws of Javara.  Because women are scarce brothers must share one woman. Yet his time with Christina, his brother Jarek’s wife, doesn’t have the kind of connection he longs for.  Marc wants a woman of his own even though he knows the reality is that it will never happen.  That is until the tapestry appears and whisks him into a different world – one full of violence and the woman of his dreams.


Kathryn’s bid to save Tienan and Logan has placed them all in imminent danger.  She’s been hiding them but General Caruthers, a brutal member of the ruling Council, is suspicious so it’s only a matter of time before he discovers their whereabouts.  Kathryn’s only escape and place of peace is her attic where she loses herself in books full of erotic love and romance.  Her favorite, CHRISTINA’S TAPESTRY, tells a story of a woman whisked away to Javara where she was the subject of a sexual competition between brothers Jarek and Marc.  Christina chooses Jarek in the end but Kathryn’s heart broke for Marc.  She feels that he’s a special man who deserves his own woman and Kathryn actually became angry with the author for leaving him in such a state.  Of course, becoming so incensed over a story is ridiculous when she has Tienan and Logan’s lives should be her primary concern.  What she needs is a magical tapestry to whisk them all away from the whole situation.  Little does she realize that she’ll get her wish at a most crucial moment. 


Nothing about the tapestry’s appearance for the third time this generation is explainable but Marc isn’t going to waste time second guessing such a gift.  The tapestry takes him from Javara and when he returns he brings Kathryn, Tienan and Logan with him.  He’s determined to win Kathryn for himself but he’s up against the laws of his world as well as Tienan and Logan’s feelings for her – and he’s only got three days before the tapestry reappears and Kathryn makes her final decision to stay or go.


N.J. Walters certainly doesn’t disappoint with her latest addition to the TAPESTRY series.  THREADS OF DESTINY is an utterly enchanting story full of heat, heart and even tears.  Ms. Walters has a real knack for creating characters who evoke an emotional connection and there isn’t a single character in this story who doesn’t deserve such a reaction.  I was utterly charmed by Kathryn and her strong spirit and how she handles the arguments between the families who want to challenge for the right to have her.  Like many other fans of the Tapestry series I was thrilled to see that Marc gets his happily-ever-after.  Now I have other characters that I’m praying we’ll also see again in future stories.  Abrah Dannon’s acceptance of Kathryn’s decision was really very sweet and made me a little sad for him and his brother.  In addition, Tienan and Logan had me in tears and I’d love to get to know them much better.  THREADS OF DESTINY is a beautiful story which I’ve happily added to my ‘keeper shelf.’

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