The Angel Wore Fangs - Deadly Angels series, book 7

Author: Sandra Hill

Publisher: Avon

Release Date: May 31, 2016

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5


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Viking Cnut Sigurdsson and his six half-brothers are each guilty of one of the seven deadly sins. For Cnut, that sin is gluttony in all bodily appetites, food, drink and sex, but he cares little about what others think of him. Although he eats voraciously, his crofters are starving. When St. Michael the Archangel appears before him suddenly, Cnut thinks he is dreaming. Cnut is given a choice: repent and become a vangel in God's army for seven hundred years, or die and spend eternity at Satan's hearth. He accepts the first choice. Forced to also go on a diet, Cnut is transformed into a lean, mean Viking vampire angel, or vangel, who fights against Satan's lucipires, or demon vampires. The lucipires roam the earth seeking sinners and killing them before they have a chance to repent. However, Cnut's many lapses in behavior over the years have resulted in additional time being added to his sentence, until present day when he is still carrying out his vangel duties.

Pastry chef Andrea Stewart is close to her adventurous, ten years younger sister Celie. Her tattooed, body-pierced sister is the complete opposite of Andrea and always seems to be on a quest to find herself. However, her latest escapade has led her to don a burqas and join the militant group ISIS. Her new boyfriend Kahlil has taken her to a dude ranch in Montana run by a Muslim church, Circle of Light. Fearing for her sister, Andrea is about to ride to Celie's rescue once more but first she needs to get help. Entering the office of Wing's Security, Andrea is taken aback by the muscle bound owner, Cnut.

The archangel Michael has recently given Cnut and his brothers their assignment for the year, to bring down ISIS. So Cnut, at first, tries to refuse Andrea's plea for help, despite his attraction to her, but her mention of ISIS captures his attention. Accepting the assignment, Cnut discovers that this is one mission he will not be accomplishing on his own as Andrea adamantly lets him know that she will be accompanying him. But when their forced escape from a dangerous situation at a dude ranch lands them in tenth century Norseland, they must work together to get back to the future if they are to save her family and the world. With the archangel's demand that the vangels stop becoming romantically involved with humans, Cnut and Andrea will also need to find a way to deal with the insatiable passion between them.

A tale of good versus evil, THE ANGEL WORE FANGS, the seventh book in author Sandra Hill's DEADLY ANGELS series, is a hilarious, yet sexy story that is sure to become a favorite of paranormal romance fans. As Cnut and Andrea are taken on a delicious romp from present day to the tenth century, the heat between these two escalates and their love for each other deepens. At times, Cnut's obsession with food and his inner dialogue, as well as some of Andrea's actions will have you laughing out loud. When Andrea wears a "Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy" labeled shirt to a dude ranch it is funny, but the humor is heightened even more when she lands, in tenth century Norseland, where the same shirt is translated into "Save a Longship, Ride a Viking".

I really liked Cnut and Andrea as a couple and the secondary characters were a delight, especially Girda. Each of the books in this series can be read as a standalone; however, I don't believe it is possible to stop at just one. Although this is the seventh book of the series about the seven brothers, there is at least one more book, GOOD VAMPIRES GO TO HEAVEN, which is due to release in late November 2016. This book will feature Zebulan, a lucipire who has longed to become a vangel and has secretly helped the vangels with their missions. In the meantime, if you enjoy lighthearted paranormal romance with a bit of mayhem, THE ANGEL WORE FANGS is definitely one you won't want to miss!

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Dottie

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