The Hidden Worlds
By Char
Jul 1, 2007 - 10:27:00 AM

Linnea Kiaho is a descendant of a group of refuges from Earth who escaped when Earth was taken over by the devastating artificial intelligence known as the Cold Minds.  The refuges escaped because of the skills and talents of a group of men known as the Pilot Masters.  The refuges were taken to different planets, which become known as the Hidden Worlds, and are linked together only through the cooperation of the jump pilots in the Pilot Masters guild. 

Linnea lives on one of the poorest colonies in the Hidden Worlds and with the loss of almost all the men in her tiny village the future looks bleak for her, her sister and her sister’s children.  When all hope appears lost Linnea learns a family secret involving the Pilot Masters and she also discovers a way to help her family escape poverty and starvation. Linnea agrees to become an indentured servant to the mighty Pilot Masters guild and she hopes that while on their home world she can use her knowledge of their hidden secret to force the guild to take better care of her home planet.

Linnea arrives on Nexus, the Pilot Masters home world, and she finds out she is to be the servant to Iain sen Paolo who’s uncle is the Chairman, the Honored Voice, of their guild.  Iain is shocked to learn that Linnea is to become his servant.  He has no use for human help he can take care of his needs by himself.  Iain at first wants to send Linnea away but the strange behavior of his father, his uncle and his cousin makes Iain decide to keep Linnea and hope he can figure out why all his close relatives are so scared of her.  That decision pulls Linnea and Iain into a whirlwind of deceit and betrayal and their actions could alter all reality as they have known it.

THE HIDDEN WORLDS by Kristin Landon is a riveting fast-paced romantic adventure.  I was amazed by Linnea’s depth of feelings for her family and was humbled by her willingness to give up her life for their sake.  I really felt for Iain and the pain he had to face when he learned of the secrets that had been kept from him.  The love that Iain and Linnea felt for each other almost leapt off the pages at the reader because it was so strong and pure.  This was an interesting book with a lot of surprising and unexpected twists that will keep the reader on the edge of their seats.

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