The Magical Christmas Cat
By Sarah W
Oct 1, 2008 - 3:47:52 PM


Elementary teacher Annie Kildaire is having a slight problem with one of her students, a young leopard changeling. He refuses to tell her what happened and has called in reinforcements: his Uncle Zach. Annie and Zach Quinn share an instant attraction, so instant in fact that he is sure Annie is his mate. But she is skittish and a bit wary around him. Annie is used to being coddled by her mother after a tragic accident growing up. Now she just wants to savor her independence, and Zach’s pursuit makes her nervous. She longs to be with him, but will being with Zach, a solider of the DarkRiver Pack, mean she has to give up her independence? Or will he show her that being together will only make her stronger and hopefully, happier?

Even in the short story format, Nalini Singh creates an emotional romance. Zach and Annie have a rather natural romance: he asks her out, she accepts and their relationship blossoms from there. The conflicts are strong enough to prove interesting but do not overpower the tender romance that is taking place. STROKE OF ENTICEMENT has sizzle, snap, and genuine joy.



Return to the town of Cuttersville, Ohio, in Erin McCarthy’s newest romantic story. Bree Murphy has just received the unfortunate news that the man of her dreams is wearing a pink shirt and is about to ring the doorbell. When she opens the door, she sees none other than lawyer Ian Carrington, who has an offer to make to her. Someone is interested in buying Bree’s house, and it is up to Ian to make sure the deal goes through. Ian is just thankful to have the excuse to talk to Bree again. He cannot get her out of his head since their short meeting a year ago. Bree and Ian could not be more different but somehow, their attraction and appreciation for their differences is growing. Will this Christmas bring some cheer into both of their lives?


Erin McCarthy never disappoints and it is definitely a pleasure to return to Cuttersville. I loved how Bree and Ian saw each other as being very different people when in reality, once they looked below the surface, they saw they had a lot more in common. Love, an appreciation for life, and some very odd dreams make them a good match. CHRISTMAS BREE is a top-notch Erin McCarthy tale!


SWEET DREAMS by Linda Winstead Jones

At her neighborhood Christmas party, Ruby receives a very mysterious gift from a “secret admirer.” It is a small jade cat statue and she is mystified as to who could have given it to her. Ruby’s reclusive and rather standoffish neighbor, Zane Benedict, has an idea though and he is sure that the cat is a sign of danger for Ruby. An evil demon is on the hunt for Ruby’s soul and if she cannot figure out what her dreams mean, Ruby could be in big danger. Zane is ready and willing to help, but can Ruby trust him?


Linda Winstead Jones showcases Christmas with an edge in this intriguing story. Zane wants to be Ruby’s protector but he does not have all the answers she seeks. It is up to Ruby to put the mystery together. Even facing some very scary odds, Ruby keeps her head. SWEET DREAMS packs a punch!



When Haley McQuire overhears a suspicious conversation taking place in the library at Sanctuary, she is put in immediate danger. Someone is a threat to the Breeds and now that someone wants Haley out of the equation, and fast. Jaguar breed enforcer Noble Chavin is not going to let anything happen to Haley however. He will protect her with his life because he finally realizes that his hunger for her is not going away. She is his, his mate, his woman, and the piece of the puzzle that keeps him whole. Now he is going to stop anyone from hurting Haley, and make sure that she understands just how much he loves her.


Lora Leigh continues her Breed series with this story. Haley and Noble have some very strong chemistry working for them. I liked how these two just seemed to fit together from the very beginning of this story until its end. With the odds against them, it will not be easy to make their relationship work, but as they find out, the hard work is half the fun.


THE MAGICAL CHRISTMAS CAT has a little something for every reading taste. These authors make the holidays just a little bit brighter with these stories of love and romance.

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