Ylendrian Empire, Book2 - The SlipStream Con
By Pamela Denise
May 15, 2011 - 5:08:01 PM

Husband and wife bounty hunting team Tal and Vanya Serafine-Reyes gave up their respective roles within the Imperial Forces when they married and now spend their time bringing in the bad guys of the cosmos. Known for their remarkable record, there is only one man that seems to keep slipping through the cracks. For the past three years the couple has been on a wild chase to bring in renowned con artist Kellen Frey. He has become a personal mission for the two who can’t help but secretly admire the man.

On their latest run, Tal and Vanya luck out and corner the elusive grifter. They can’t believe their good fortune. Something just isn’t panning out right about how easy things are going. It turns out Kellen let himself get caught as part of his plan to try to get out of his own mess. Hitching a ride with the hot couple out of the area should buy him some time to try to figure out a way to clean up the slipup from his latest con. The botched retrieval job he took on for his ex-girlfriend leaves him carrying around the goods to be delivered internally, after swallowing it accidentally in haste.

It turns out to be a new highly developed and highly illegal form of nanotechnology. The criminal warlords who were supposed to pickup the drop off come after Kellen, inadvertently placing him and the bounty hunters in danger. The hidden attraction that Tal and Vanya have for the charming Kellen, who openly admires them, comes to surface as they ban together to uncover the mastermind behind the technology.

 S. Reesa Herberth and Michelle Moore deliver a solid second installment, THE SLIPSTREAM CON, in their YLENDRIAN EMPIRE series. Don’t let the premise of a ménage/multi-partner relationship make you hesitate to pick up this read if they tend not to be your cup of tea. Though this book gradually leads all three lead characters into the makings of a joined union, this is not the focus of the story. While steam is not heavy on the list, action certainly is. There is not a dull moment to be had while the trio is jet setting across the galaxy. The writers do an amazing job of creating their universe backdrop and building up the characters to individuals that can all hold their weight in keeping the story interesting. I look forward to getting more glimpses into the Ylendrian Empire and deep space soon.

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