Tied to a Demon
By Pamela Denise
Aug 12, 2010 - 11:13:48 PM

Twenty-four year old Shanna is the oldest girl in her class at The Academy of Spellcasters. She longs to be a level five witch and should be one of the greatest students in her school based on her parentage. However, she hasn’t had too much success mastering her abilities after her father’s passing. She’s been held back a year and has become the focus of torment for Quinn, one the most popular girls in school, as well as the star of the jokes by her other classmates.  

Shanna finally feels she has a chance to redeem herself with an upcoming test which is to summon a demon. Her father was a legendary summoner. Lucky for her she has his notebook, so this should prove to be a piece of cake. Unfortunately, it isn’t as foolproof as she thinks and instead of summoning an imp she summons a powerful demon by the name of Alecandros.



Though she is frightened by Alecandros she is equally attracted to him and his charming personality. It also seems that he not only knew her father but, if he is to be believed, is bound to her because of an agreement with her father. Alecandros claims he can help her with her inability to focus on her spells and help her achieve her goal of becoming a level five witch. Can she trust Alecandros or is his kindness an act to cover up a more sinister plan?



TIED TO A DEMON is a wonderful fantasy with a classic fairytale feel, though packed with a bit more steam. Rachel D. Thompson creates delightful characters. Shanna has the potential to be one of the most powerful witches of her time yet her self-doubt seems to hold her back. I enjoyed reading as she slowly gained confidence.  Alecandros is as charming as he is handsome in his human form; he is a mysterious hero that I liked learning more about as the story progressed.  The connection between the two was a nice blend of sensuality and companionship. It’s a great read to enjoy before bedtime.

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