Wolf Tales IV
By Sandi Potterton
Oct 20, 2007 - 9:00:16 AM

Tinker McClintock has a task to fulfill for his pack—he has to meet Lisa Quinn and share with her the fact that she is Chanku.   But how do you tell a young woman that she is of another race and that she is able to shapeshift into a wolf?   Well, it does help that she works at a wolf rescue sanctuary and has a special rapport with the wolves.   But Lisa has troubles right now, wolves are disappearing from the sanctuary and she must find out why.   Maybe Tinker is just the man to help her learn the truth—as well as the perfect partner to help her explore her sexuality.   As Tinker and Lisa become closer, the lines between passion and danger will blur.  

WOLF TALES IV is a spectacular feast for the senses.  If you include short stories, then this is actually the seventh offering from Kate Douglas in this series and it is just as hot as each previous story.  And while each concentrates on a couple or a trio, the tales really build on each other and should be read in order.  Tinker, our male lead, has been one of my favorites throughout the series and I just love the fact that he finally gets his own book.  He has always been the quiet, sensitive yet huge guy in the background and he shines once he hits center stage.  Lisa, our female lead, has always felt lost and out-of-sync with everything except her wolves.  Her awakening as Chanku finally makes sense of her disconnected feelings.  The romance relationship between Tinker and Lisa is sexy, sensual and spicy.  The disappearing wolf storyline is full of mystery, danger, excitement and action and brings our two leads together in more ways than sexual.  The rest of Tinker's pack are strong supporting characters and feature prominently in the story; we also have some wonderful slimy villains in this piece.  Warning—the eroticism in this series is not for the faint of heart, the Chanku are a polyamorous society.  You will find group sex scenes, M/M, F/F as well as scenes in animal form but you will not find gratuitous sex.  Each sex scene has meaning and moves the story forward.  WOLF TALES IV is a wonderful addition to the series and I highly enjoyed it.  This series is one of my favorites and any new book is an automatic buy for me at the bookstore.  I eagerly await each new addition to the world of the Chanku!

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