Author: Tilly Green

Publisher: Samhain Publishing

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Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5

Format: EBOOK

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Sui Seccus, or Sui Erom as known by Earthlings, grew up knowing that as a woman, very few options were available to her on her home planet, Zandia. Women were allowed to be emotives, sex providers or path mates. Other pathlines, or jobs, are out of bounds for women--politics, teaching or anything. Sui is something of an anomaly; she has hair, is short with feminine curves unlike the average Zandian woman who is tall, athletically slim and hairless all over. Sui spent her early years feeling out of place and undesirable on her home world so she devises a plan to escape when her father Ero Seccus, Ambassador to Earth is traveling on to the planet. When the stowaway is discovered, Sui bears her heart to her father and he cannot help but grant her wish--to stay on Earth and live a liberated, independent life. On Earth she establishes herself in her own life, with an apartment and a job translating Zandian--she is her own person no longer subject to the restrictive customs of her people.

His Royal Heir Apprentice Prince Xer Rieh III is on Earth as captain of the Zandian Zoolopeans, Zandia's champion speedball team. When he hears the sultry female voice announcing the speedball game, his hormones overwhelm him and he is determined to have the woman translating the game play into Zandian--Sui. Xer is shocked when he finally sees her--it is Sui. She appears to not be Zandian with her hair and full figure but something about her tells him she is from his home planet--and therefore subject to all their customs.

This is the story of Sui's struggle to maintain her independent life despite falling in love with the Prince of her restrictive home planet. Tilly Greene exposes us to a world culture more exhibitionist than anything normally experienced on present day earth. The bringing together of Sui and Xer is more than just the pairing of two is the moving forward of a society. Sui refuses to return to a society so restrictive to women and Xer responds to her plea, learning to value her as a human, not just as a sex partner.

Tilly Greene has created an entirely different world filled with its own culture, rituals and customs. Zandia is a very interesting planet and Greene's story is wonderfully threaded together. Reading it, I really cared about the characters--Sui and Xer as well as the secondary characters. The sex is delectable--if you are a fan of exhibitionism, this book is definitely for you as the Zandians are not shy about sharing their pleasure.

Tilly Greene has created a whole new world facing a sexual revolution and shows us that even alien feminists can enjoy their sexuality to the fullest!

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Heather Eileen

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