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Knight of Rapture: a Druid Knight Story by Ruth A. Casie

He crossed the centuries to find her…
For months Lord Arik has been trying to find the right combination of runes to create the precise spell to rescue his wife, Rebeka, but the druid knight will soon discover that reaching her four hundred years in the future is only the beginning of his quest. He arrives in the 21st century to find her memory of him erased, his legacy on the brink of destruction, and traces of dark magick at every turn.

A threat has followed…
Bran, the dark druid, is more determined than ever to get his revenge. His evil has spread across the centuries. Arik will lose all. Time is his weapon, and he’s made sure his plan leaves no one dear to Arik, in past or present, safe from the destruction. >>>Read Review


The Hexed - Krewe of Hunters, Book 13 by Heather Graham

Fragmented - Section 8, Book 3 by Stephanie Tyler

Midnight Rescue - Killer Instincts, Book 1 by Elle Kennedy

Oh Say Can You Fudge by Nancy Coco

Last Breath by Jessica Clare & Jen Fredrick

Last Hit by Jessica Clare & Jen Fredrick

Bones And All by Camille DeAngelis

Casually Cursed by Kimberly Frost

Bound By Flames by Jeaniene Frost

Death, Taxes and Cheap Sunglasses - Tara Holloway series, book 8 by Diane Kelly

Unforgettable - Love in the Fleet, book 4 by Heather Ashby

One Kiss More (US Marshals, Book 2) by Mandy Baxter

Compulsion - Max Revere series, Book 2 by Allison Brennan

In For The Kill - McClouds and Friends series, book 11 by Shannon McKenna

A Ghostly Grave by Tonya Kappes

Stealing The Golden Dream by Sally Smith and Jean Steffens

Force of Attraction - K-9 Rescue, book 2 by D.D. Ayres

Savage Chains by Caris Roane

Hero by Samantha Young

Double Fudge Brownie Murder - A Hannah Swanson Mystery, book 18 by Joanne Fluke

Silent Night by C.J. Kyle

Against the Sky - Against series, Book 11 by Kat Martin

Trust No One by Jayne Ann Krentz

Where Secrets Sleep - Watcher in the Dark series, Book 1 by Marta Perry

Wild Horses - Montana Hamiltons series, Book 1 by B.J. Daniels

Sleep No More by Iris Johansen

Blind Faith (Sin Brothers, Book 3) by Rebecca Zanetti

Sweeter than Sin (A Secrets & Shadows Novel) by Shiloh Walker

Bound to Danger - Deadly Ops Series, Book 2 by Katie Reus

Shiver by Karen Robards

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The Hexed - Krewe of Hunters, Book 13 by Heather Graham, Rocky is determined to unearth the culprit in his friend's murder thirteen years ago. Devin is intent to finish her latest book until a ghost involves her in a murder case. Will Rocky finally find the person who killed his friend? Can Devin and Rocky find what connects the victim before the killer strikes again? Read Review>>

Fragmented - Section 8, Book 3 by Stephanie Tyler, Jem’s pride aches that Drea cannot remember him or their brief time together before the accident. Drea struggles to remember the enigmatic man that dominates her waking thoughts and dreams. Will Drea ever regain her full memories? Can Jem keep the promise he made to protect her from harm? Read Review>>

Midnight Rescue - Killer Instincts, Book 1 by Elle Kennedy, MIDNIGHT RESCUE has a lot of action, adventure and suspense with some romance thrown in. This is the first book in a series that has Morgan's mercenaries and Noelle's chameleons fighting evil all over the world. Read Review>>

Oh Say Can You Fudge by Nancy Coco, When Allie is placed in charge of the fireworks for the upcoming Fourth of July celebration on Mackinac Island, she never expects that her pyrotechnic expert will end up dead and the warehouse of fireworks set afire. With only days left, will she be able to find another expert, replace the fireworks, find the killer as well as the arsonist who is setting the island aflame…one fire at a time? Read Review>>

Last Breath by Jessica Clare & Jen Fredrick , Jessica Clare and Jen Fredrick are at it again in this captivating thriller, LAST BREATH. Jen and Jessica are unstoppable, but together, they're a force to be reckoned with. That's apparent in their recent novel LAST BREATH. Read Review>>

Last Hit by Jessica Clare & Jen Fredrick , Jessica Clare and Jen Fredrick are both two well renowned best selling authors on their own. Put the two of them together, and you get the Hitman series. Last Hit is everything you would expect from two best selling authors, and so much more. Fasten your belts and prepare for the ride of your life.
Read Review>>

Bones And All by Camille DeAngelis, Camille DeAngelis blew it out of the water with Bones and all. Bones and all definitely has a spot on my top 10 list. I've never read anything like it before, and there wasn't a single sentence that didn't hold my attention. Bones and all is absolutely mind blowing.
Read Review>>

Casually Cursed by Kimberly Frost, Kimberly Frost really outdid herself with Casually Cursed. Casually Cursed is the first book I've read from the Souther Witch series. After reading it, I went and got the whole series. Job well done, Kimberly Frost.
Read Review>>

Bound By Flames by Jeaniene Frost, Jeaniene Frost is an amazing author. I've been a fan of her work since High School. It was no surprise that I fell in love with Bound By Flames after the first chapter. I've read almost every book she's written, and have yet to be disappointed.
Read Review>>

Death, Taxes and Cheap Sunglasses - Tara Holloway series, book 8 by Diane Kelly, With her kick-butt attitude, sharp shooting skills and disregard for danger, Special Agent Tara can handle just about anything…until the love of her life, fellow agent Nicholas, is sent deep undercover to investigate a murderous drug lord. When Tara receives a call in the middle of the night, will she be able to come to his rescue, or is her world about to be blown apart? Read Review>>


Unforgettable - Love in the Fleet, book 4 by Heather Ashby, On the USS New York, the ghosts of the 9/11 tragedy try to help two military couples come to terms with their service inflicted disorders, bring down the enemy and find the happiness that love brings. But the only person who can hear them is exchange officer Gwyn. With her help, will the spirits be able to accomplish their goals before moving on? Read Review>>

One Kiss More (US Marshals, Book 2) by Mandy Baxter, ONE KISS MORE is a buzzing thrill ride of danger, mistrust and shady characters with romance mixed in. It is a force of nature! Read Review>>

Compulsion - Max Revere series, Book 2 by Allison Brennan, This is the most action-packed and nail-biting suspense novel I think I have ever read. From beginning to end, this story grabs your attention and makes it very hard to put down, even for some well-needed sleep. Read Review>>

In For The Kill - McClouds and Friends series, book 11 by Shannon McKenna, This book, being the conclusion to the McClouds and Friends series, is a very good debut book to read as a new author for me. I greatly enjoyed all the back and forth bickering between the main characters during their sexual exploits. Read Review>>

A Ghostly Grave by Tonya Kappes, Emma, who runs a funeral home, is able to see ghosts and helps them on their way by solving their murders, which creeps out her boyfriend, Sheriff Jack. Unfortunately, she may need his help when she takes on Chicken Teater’s case to keep from becoming a ghost herself. Read Review>>

Stealing The Golden Dream by Sally Smith and Jean Steffens, Smith and Steffens do it again, delivering an even more suspenseful second novel, STEALING THE GOLDEN DREAM. Devious deception, explosive action and a light romance are the hallmarks in this zippy, gritty mystery novel. Read Review>>

Force of Attraction - K-9 Rescue, book 2 by D.D. Ayres, Copying the paintings from a deserted estate seems fine to Eva until the owner, Gareth, shows up to renovate his home. Others warn her against this master of seduction, as one kiss tells her she is over her head, but, oh, what a way to go! Read Review>>

Savage Chains by Caris Roane , Savage Chains is full of adventure, romance, and tragedy. You won't want to put it down. I was hooked from page one. Caris Roane will keep you on your toes. Right when you think a plan is going to fall into place, something totally mind blowing happens. Grab a copy, kick back, and enjoy the ride!
Read Review>>

Hero by Samantha Young, Heroes can be someone you do not expect them to be. Read Review>>

Double Fudge Brownie Murder - A Hannah Swanson Mystery, book 18 by Joanne Fluke, After taking part in her mother’s surprise wedding, Hannah leaves Ross behind to go on trial for vehicular homicide. When she finds a dead body, she becomes the prime suspect. Hannah must work quickly to clear her name if she wants to enjoy a future with the man she loves. Read Review>>


Silent Night by C.J. Kyle
 This is C.J. Kyles’ debut book of romance and suspense. This story is a blend of enough romance and suspense to keep you hooked until the last page.

Against the Sky - Against series, Book 11 by Kat Martin
 I so enjoyed getting into another great story by Kat Martin. She puts equal amounts of romance and suspense in every book to keep you enthralled with the events happening.

Trust No One by Jayne Ann Krentz
 TRUST NO ONE is a virtual murder/mystery that will keep you turning the pages to find out the next clue to finding the end game. The way the characters relate to each other makes the plot twist from doubt to realization.

Where Secrets Sleep - Watcher in the Dark series, Book 1 by Marta Perry
 A great story with Amish characters but the romance is between the Englisch among them, along with some suspense to keep everyone in this rural town on edge and helping one another through a wave of unexpected crime.

Wild Horses - Montana Hamiltons series, Book 1 by B.J. Daniels
 If you love Montana contemporary ranching stories with a killer suspense, put this novel on your TBR mountain range for sooner rather than later. It's a fast read because you won't be able to stop to eat or breathe.

Sleep No More by Iris Johansen
 Easily read as a standalone, this contemporary suspense is a good introduction to the characters Eve Duncan and Kendra Michaels for those who haven't read either series yet.

Blind Faith (Sin Brothers, Book 3) by Rebecca Zanetti
 With the kill chip embedded in his spine counting down to his doom, Nate seeks help from the one woman who broke his heart – Audrey. They’ll reignite their passion as they work together to find the code to deactivate the device… but some things are never as they seem.

Sweeter than Sin (A Secrets & Shadows Novel) by Shiloh Walker
 One nightmarish night sent her running from the town of Madison but now it’s time to return and reveal the truth about what really happened. The last thing she expects is to find solace in the arms of her childhood friend Adam while she struggles to uncover who’s taking justice into their own hands and eliminating members of the Cronus Club.

Bound to Danger - Deadly Ops Series, Book 2 by Katie Reus
 Maria is the sole-survivor of a bombing and becomes a target because of the information hidden in her repressed memory. Cade re-enters Maria's life to learn what knowledge she has and protect her from the threats against her. Will Maria retain her memory in time? Can Cade protect Maria until she is able to regain her full memory?

Shiver by Karen Robards
 This novel is exactly how I like my romantic suspense books—fast-paced, believable, with some sexual tension, but leaving the consummation of the relationship until the end where it belongs.

Resolutions (Honor Guard Series #1) by Teri Riggs
 RESOLUTIONS has hot alpha males along with a strong and determined woman. Some work for the government and others are operatives from the private sector. Mainly set in Columbia with drug lords and minions I was on the edge of my seat more than once!

Dying for a Dude - Laurel McKay Mystery, book 4 by Cindy Sample
 Single mom Laurel is already trying to figure out how she got roped into performing with the Sassy Saloon Girls for her town’s annual Wagon Trade parade. But when a 150 year-old skeleton is found on the property belonging to her grandmother and another body is found hanging in the town center, she is left to prove that her ancestors had nothing to do with one and her ex did not murder the other. Can she find the killer before she becomes the next victim?

Paw And Order by Diane Kelly
 With lots of laughs and fast-paced action, Diane Kelly’s second novel in the K9 series is a rocking-n-rolling rodeo mystery with charm.

Full Throttle - Black Knights, Inc., book 7 by Julie Ann Walker
 While on a trip to Malaysia, Abby, the president’s daughter, is kidnapped by a terrorist group and all but one of her secret service team are killed. Fortunately, a Black Knight team, which included Carlos, a man from her past, was also assigned to her. With no help readily available, Carlos finds and rescues her. Forced to travel on foot through the sweltering Malaysian jungles, they struggle with their feelings for each other and a secret that Abby knows he will not forgive.

Hard to Come By - Hard Ink, book 3 by Laura Kaye
 Derek strives to prove to his comrade that their guilt over his injury in Afghanistan is groundless. Emilie is learning to come to terms with her ex-husband’s infidelity, yet now she must worry over her brother’s deteriorating mental state. Will Derek be able to protect Emilie from her brother’s enemies? Can Emilie accept Derek, prosthetic leg and all?

The Life Intended by Kristin Harmel
 This book begs to be read and interpreted by the reader without telling you why, other than you need to experience it, if not for its amazing journey, then maybe because it is so unusual and ingenious. It's that special.

Last to Know by Elizabeth Adler
 LAST TO KNOW has multiple murders and an explosion along with a cunning murderer that is out for his/herself and what is best for them. There is a darkness to the storyline throughout.

Her Last Whisper - Dr. Charlotte Stone series, Book 3 by Karen Robards
 This is book three in the DR. CHARLOTTE STONE series. I love the character of Charlie and her ability to see and talk to ghosts of the victims of violent crimes.

Irresistible Force by D.D. Ayres
 When Officer James Cannon tracks his missing K-9 partner to Shay, he believes she is the thief…until he gets to know her. As Shay’s abusive ex-boyfriend stalks her, James makes it his business to protect her. But he never figures on losing his heart to this woman. Can he keep Shay safe, or will he lose the woman he loves?

Mercy - Beartooth, Montana series, Book 5 by B.J. Daniels
 U.S. Marshall Rourke is obsessed with a serial killer cold case. When he discovers the same woman in three of the crime scene photos, he travels to Beartooth, Montana, to determine if this woman is the killer. He finds himself falling in love with her, but worries that she is the one he seeks. Is she the woman of his dreams or his worst nightmare? Will he find the killer before he becomes the next victim?

Murder Simply Brewed by Vannette Chapman
 No one can always be trustworthy.

Deeper than Need (A Secrets & Shadows Novel) by Shiloh Walker
 Madison seemed like the perfect town to relocate and begin a new life for Trinity and her young son which includes a romance with Noah, the man she hired to fix up her home. Her fresh start in a new location is soon marred by a discovery that will reveal a hint of the horrors that haunt the town.

Mercy, Beartooth, Montana, book 5 by B.J, Daniels
 I love making the trip back to Beartooth, Montana, again. Out of the five books in this series so far, this story is by far my favorite.

The Broken by Shelley Coriell
 The Butcher is killing broadcast journalists, but his first victim got away. Katrina has been hiding since the attack, going by Kate, but Hayden tracks her down. The FBI agent needs her help to try to catch The Butcher.

A Little Night Murder, A Blackbird Sisters Mystery series, book 10 by Nancy Martin
 Now seven months pregnant, high society reporter Nora Blackbird is finally about to marry her boyfriend, Michael, the son of a mobster, despite the family curse that promises a swift end to anyone who marries one of the Blackbirds. But before that date arrives, Nora stumbles upon the body of the daughter of the famous Tootles Tuttle and starts her own investigation. Will she discover the identity of the killer before she becomes the next victim?

Betrayed by Rebecca York
 Private Investigator Shane goes undercover to discover which employee at S&D is trying to steal its secrets. Systems analyst Elena, who is trying to find the info to save her brother’s life, quickly becomes the suspect when she is discovered at work after hours. But when she takes the missing data to Shane, the two race against the clock to find the mastermind and rescue her brother, amid the sparks flying between them. But will they be in time?

Never Surrender, Shadow Warriors, Book 5 by Lindsay McKenna
 NEVER SURRENDER is the sequel to BREAKING POINT. The story follows Bay and Gabe’s lives after their engagement and Bay is deployed back to Afghanistan.

Vile: The Faces of Evil Series, Book 8 by Debra Webb
 Can Jess and Dan find a serial killer that idolizes “The Player”, a madman, who is determined to destroy their love and claim Jess as his own?

Shroud Of Fog - A Cape Trouble Romantic Suspense Novel by Janice Kay Johnson
 Despite painful memories of her mother’s suicide twenty years ago, Sophie Thomsen has agreed to return to the small town of Cape Trouble, Oregon, in order to help her Aunt Doreen with a charity auction. However, when Sophie arrives to help her aunt, she finds that she has been brutally murdered. Can the two deaths possibly be related in some way?

Deadly Decor by Karen Rose Smith
 Join Caprice De Luca and her family in small town Kismit, Pennsylvania, where you will find a close knit family and a town which cares for their residents.

Breaking Point - Shadow Warriors, Book 4 by Lindsay McKenna
 We are back with a new book in the SHADOW WARRIORS SERIES. Another great story of combat and women soldiers in Afghanistan.

Honor Reclaimed (Hornet #2) by Tonya Burrows
 HONOR RECLAIMED is book two in the HORNET SERIES and takes us to Afghanistan on a mission. Watching the interactions between members of the team plus those they are trying to protect has so much emotion that I was engaged from the first page to the last. Throw in romance, whether returned or not, and this was a book I didn't want to put down.

Deceptive Treasures: Book 5, A Slye-Temp Novel by Dianna Love
 Will Jin and Tanner discover the deadly toxin that will be unleashed on the United States before it is too late? Or will a blossoming love be torn asunder by distrust and deceit?

Virtue Falls - Virtue Falls, Book 1 by Christina Dodd
 Elizabeth wants nothing more than to spend her days documenting the earthquake and tsunami her father had predicted long ago to come to Virtue Falls. Coming back to Virtue Falls gives Garik renewed purpose to win back his ex-wife and prove her father’s innocence. Can Garik crack the cold case and reveal the killer before the man strikes again?

Her Perfect Mate by Paige Tyler
 When Special Forces Captain Landon is pulled from his team in the midst of a mission, he has no idea what is in store for him. Handpicked to work for the Department of Covert Operations, he is paired with a sexy feline shifter, Ivy, whom he must protect at all costs, and now risks not only his life, but his heart.

Danger In Her Words by Barbara Barth
 When author Susan Meyers decides to write an erotically charged romance novel, she turns to a dating website for some creative inspiration. Little does she know that she has set in motion a series of events that will turn deadly. When an evil stalker becomes obsessed with Susan, he will do anything to make her his.

Black Knights, Inc. - Hell for Leather by Julie Ann Walker
 After watching one of the customers at her beloved biker bar die, Delilah leaves town for a road trip with her uncle. Now she is back and her uncle is missing, but she knows just the guy to help her. Black Knight operative Mac has a thing for Delilah, but he has known the treachery of beautiful women before. Still, he cannot resist coming to her aid. With their close proximity, this mission may be his hottest one yet.

Notorious by Allison Brennan
 Max is an investigative crime reporter, who spends her days solving cold cases for her TV show. When she comes back home for a funeral of an old friend, she doesn't realize she will get herself roped into investigating a murder.

Do or Die - Reluctant Heroes, book 1 by Suzanne Brockmann
 To my knowledge I have never read a book by Suzanne Brockmann. I enjoyed this book with all of the twists and turns, and so many characters with quirky personalities and stories to tell.

Hunted by Karen Robards
 Karen Robards has given us another enthralling thriller about good cops and bad cops. She has a way of bringing out her characters as the story goes from bad to good.

Vile: Faces of Evil Series - book 8 by Debra Webb
 Deputy Chief Jess Harris is being stalked by a twisted predator. In this latest installment of THE FACES OF EVIL series depraved killer Eric Spears uses an innocent child to get close to Jess. As Jess races to find the mother of the child, the body count is on the rise. Can Jess finally stop The Player before another woman goes missing?

The Assassin's Heart by J.A. Kazimer
 Murder, edgy suspense and romance abound in this mesmerizing new story from J.A. Kazimer, THE ASSASSIN’S HEART. This book is fast moving and frighteningly accurate in the life of an assassin. Definitely for your keeper shelf!

Dyed and Gone by Beth Yarnall
 Trying to get her mind off her failed relationship with detective Alex, hairstylist Azalea travels to Las Vegas with her two best friends, Vivian and Juan Carlos, for a hair show. There she is shocked to discover that Vivian shares a past with celebrity hairstylist Dhane. But when Vivian is arrested for his murder, Azalea determines to find the real killer, with the help of Alex, who hopes to rekindle his relationship with Azalea. When she becomes the killer’s next target, can Alex keep her safe?

Precious Thing by Colette McBeth
 When Rachel gets sent to cover a news story which features her missing best friend, she decides to take it upon herself to go looking for clues. But the things Rachel discovers along the way may change her entire life, as she is forced to question everything that she once thought she knew.

Striking Distance by Pamela Clare
 Laura is determined to start anew and not let the abuse she experienced by terrorist’s hands rule her life. The threat on Laura’s life gives Javier the incentive to reacquaint with her. Will he be able to protect her?

Risk Taker - Shadow Warriors, Book 2 by Lindsay McKenna
 Risk Taker is the first of a two-book story. I love Lindsay McKenna’s books and am really enjoying this new series about women in combat.

Degree of Risk - Shadow Warriors, Book 3 by Lindsay McKenna
 I greatly enjoyed this two-book story giving us a chance to see how things work out for Sarah and Ethan. I will be waiting for the next books in this series for sure.

Down and Dead, Inc., Volume 1 - Down and Dead in Dixie by Vicki Hinze
 After witnessing a murder and identifying two mobsters as the killers, Daisy fakes her death and escapes to New Orleans, where she gets a job in a prominent restaurant owned by her brother’s friend, Mark. There is an instant attraction between them. But when her staged death is proved to be unsuccessful, she soon finds herself on the run, but this time she is not alone. Mark has also been made a target by helping her. Together, will they be able to elude their pursuers, or will any hope of a future end with their deaths?

Battered to Death by Gayle Trent
 Just as everything seems to be going smoothly for baker Daphne, she becomes a suspect in a crime when the famous chef teaching her class is found murdered and her prints are on the weapon. To make matters worse, her steady boyfriend is considering moving to Kentucky to work for his old girlfriend. With the help of her family and friends, can Daphne find the real killer before she ends up behind bars, alone and unwanted?

Tara Holloway, book 6 - Death, Taxes and Green Tea Ice Cream by Diane Kelly
 After IRS Special Agent Tara shoots a criminal in the leg four times during a bust, she is fired. To make matters worse, he sues her for ten million plus dollars and she is facing criminal charges. As she handles a case involving a fake friend, attempts to keep an eye on her boyfriend and former partner, Nick’s, back in addition to her own predicament, Tara tries to soothe her worries with green tea ice cream. Will she be able to clear herself, or is she facing imprisonment?

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