A Dark Love
By Destiny Booze
Nov 11, 2009 - 2:27:58 PM

In A DARK LOVE, author Margaret Carroll takes suspense to a new level of intensity with her character Dr. Porter Moross, a highly respected psychoanalyst. He is a man with the type of complex intrinsic psychological makeup that far exceeds any amount of reasoning or normal comprehension. It far exceeds even the mental disturbances of his own patients.

Dr. Porter Moross loves his wife, Caroline, to a dangerous degree. He will not live without her. More accurately, he really cannot live without her.


Caroline knows the extent of her husband’s madness. Divorce is not an option, not if she wants to live. So, she runs. She moves to a different part of the country, lives under a new name, finds a new home and a new job. She even meets a new man.


Ken Kincaid is handsome, strong, family-oriented and, above all else, patient to a fault. His attraction to Caroline may be immediate and obvious, but he doesn’t push her. He may very well be the perfect match for her, if her husband doesn’t find them. If he does, there’s no telling what he may be driven to do.


I recommend A DARK LOVE by Margaret Carroll for anyone that loves a good psychological thriller. The romance blossoms through the story and adds an extra flair. The plot will keep you sitting at attention as the inner workings of a mentally disturbed man unwinds and comes to light. This antagonist might even feel a bit too real for comfort. Give it a read and see.

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