Hate: An Anthology of Murder and Mystery
By Billie Jo
Aug 7, 2006 - 9:16:00 PM

SUMMER TREASON by Katherine Smith

Danny is a police officer who is investigating the death of Mr. Holbrook.  Although it looks like an accident, he probes further and finds evidence that it may have been murder.

A COP'S WORLD by Giovanna Lagana

Harry is a long time police officer allegedly aligned with the mob.  His new partner is torn between finding the truth about his partner and just letting it slide.   What will he choose to do?


HER SHADOW by Lauren N. Sharman

Dalton is known as the "bad boy" of his hometown and Scarlett is the shy girl next door.  They have loved each other secretly for years.  When a fire destroys Scarlett's house and kills her parents, they both must find out if the past has come back to haunt them.



Annabell and Sam are husband and wife trying to make a decent living.  But the Charbonnet brothers are determined to destroy them.  What happens next is chilling.


WHAT GOES AROUND by Crystal Inman

Amy and David are married.  But Amy's life is a love story gone wrong, especially when Carrie enters the picture.  What will happen in this triangle of murder and mayhem?



Trisha and Roger is a married couple on the outside.  David and Helen seem overly happy in their marriage.  Until one day they decide to spend the weekend camping together and past secrets are revealed when another camper is hunting them.  Will they survive a triangle of deceit or will the camper succeed in murder?


THE UNCLE HUNT by Pepper Smith

Patty is staying with her Aunt Liz to help her while she recovers from an illness.  But Patty soon finds herself embroiled in a cat and mouse game with a young lady who is not telling the whole truth about her situation.



Julianna and Conway are both undercover government agents trying to discover who is behind a Casino prostitution ring that has turned to murder.  Only love has sprung between the two agents and puts Julianna's life in danger.  Will justice prevail and a true love bloom in the midst of treachery?


THE HAIRY FILIPINO by Valerie Goldsilk

Bill Jedburgh is the man that is called in when a job needs to be done discreetly and quickly.  When Bill receives his next assignment to travel to Hong Kong with his new partner, a well-known gunman, he is unsure of everything for the first time in his life.  Will a notorious gun man get Bill killed before the next target can be dealt with?


KINDRED SPIRITS by Vickie Britton and Loretta Jackson


Brandi Gilman is a shy young lady who is going to college to major in poetry.  When she meets the mysterious Jasper Dante, she is completely taken with him.  Until she discovers that Jasper could have been the one to murder the professor she idolized.  Will she discover the truth before she becomes the next victim? 


HATE Anthology is comprised of ten edgy short stories full of mystery, mayhem and murder.  Some of the stories are quick and intense.  THE UNCLE HUNT and WHAT HAPPENS IN VEGAS, STAYS IN VEGAS were so well done it was like reading a novel.  You will encounter a little bit of every emotion in this anthology.  I shuddered at some of the scenes, rooted for justice and my heart soared when a powerful romance was involved.

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