Author: Dee Dawning

Publisher: Extasy Books

Release Date: May 15, 2008

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5

Format: EBOOK

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Drew Stevens pursues Mallory Robbins’ mustang through the streets of Hollywood.   He wants to meet Mallory, a model whose legs have been insured for ten million dollars, before he figures out what to do about the distasteful assignment placed on him.    He manages to make Mallory’s acquaintance, and they explore each other in all ways.   Later that night, Mallory finds handcuffs and a gun.    Angry and afraid he’d intended to hurt her, she uses the paraphernalia on him.    Police detective Drew doesn’t have time to explain his motives when a thug comes up behind her and grabs the gun.   Mallory is forced to breathe into a chemically drenched cloth and passes out.

Mallory awakens with her long blonde hair covered by a red hijab, and her body is draped with an abaya.   She speaks through a veil to an Arabian teenage girl, Morina, the daughter of Saudi Prince Ali.   When Morina tells Mallory that she will become Ali’s forth wife, Mallory runs from the Middle Eastern decorated room.   Immediately a behemoth drags Mallory back, and the teenage girl tells her Drew is also a prisoner there but will be transported to the homeland for his beheading.  Mallory is intent on saving him as well as herself.


Teenage Morina, Ali’s daughter, brings Mallory to the women’s section.   Along the way, Mallory looks out a window and realizes they are near the top of a high-rise.   When Mallory finds the view eerily familiar, Morina confesses that the prince occupies the three top floors of the Babylon Hotel in Las Vegas.   Nonetheless, her confinement is terrifying among Ali’s other wives and harem.   Can Mallory convince any of them to help her save Drew?   Will Morina be her ally or enemy?


Author Dee Dawning combines erotica with adventure, making LEGS twice the ride.   I laughed heartily at Dawning’s outrageous scenes and tacky Vegas descriptions.   I adored Mallory’s display of spunk when she told Ali’s daughter to mind her because she’s soon to be her wicked stepmother.   A match to Mallory’s spirit, Drew captivated my heart when he protected her with guts and determination.   I had to keep ice water handy from beginning to end.   I recommend LEGS by Dee Dawning to friends who enjoy madcap, ultra hot eroticism.


By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Kathleen R

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