Nowhere to Hide
By Pamela Denise
Aug 1, 2010 - 1:16:51 PM

Ex-cop Colleen McDonald decides to put some distance between the small town of Cedar Grove, Oregon and the dark memories that still plague her of the night her case went terribly wrong, leaving her with a dead partner and a serious injury. She chooses to lay low on the opposite coast as a civilian in Orlando, Florida. Colleen rents an apartment from an elderly lady on the recommendation of a friend. No sooner has she moved in than she has the local police at her doorsteps already searching for a missing person.

Deputy Sheriff Graham Harrigan has spent the past eight years trying to live past the bad reputation of the training officer he got stuck with when he first entered the force. He has been biding his time on patrol duty, waiting for an opening in the Criminal Investigations Division. Graham receives a call from a young woman expressing concern over her step-father’s lack of communication. When he goes to check out the address given, he finds no signs of a Jeffery Walters. Instead he is greeted by a pretty redhead who claims to be the new renter of the apartment. Upon further investigation, it seems Jeffery’s Aunt Doris, rented out the place, and Jeffery is merely away on business in Alabama with a bad cell signal. Still something doesn’t quite sit right with Graham.



What starts as a Check Well Being call leads to an investigation of a missing person and his possible shoe-in with the CID. The chance to see more of the new resident while poking for clues is an added bonus. Colleen’s years spent as a cop have her searching for the truth of Jeffery’s disappearance on her own, despite telling herself the matter wasn’t her problem. She hopes that by finding out what happened, it will get Graham out of the picture, so she decides to share the information she finds. The more time Graham spends with Colleen, the further she moves off his professional list and onto his personal one. Weary of letting her guard down, Colleen slowly warms to Graham. As they come closer to figuring out the mystery that surrounds Jeffery Walters, their attraction for one another boils over. Graham finds himself walking a fine line when it comes to his professional responsibilities.



NOWHERE TO HIDE is an enjoyable and well plotted mystery. Terry Odell details police procedure and nails down routine investigation customs in a way that draws the reader in. She drops a steady stream of subtle clues, building up to more obvious ones as the conclusion nears, but works in enough turns to make the mystery a tough one to solve. Ms. Odell’s attention to the surroundings and the depiction of her characters were also remarkable. I loved the setting and the cleverly woven in attractions that make the area so popular. Both protagonists come across as believable, likeable individuals, which makes their budding romance all the more enjoyable. I was also taken with Mrs. Walters, Colleen’s elderly landlady, as soon as she was introduced into the story. If you enjoy a good investigation novel and a touching romance, this is the book for you.

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