Protective Custody
By Cheryl McInnis
Oct 2, 2008 - 12:44:06 PM

Paisley McCoy grew up as the daughter of a policeman.  She loves her dad but has had her fill of bossy and overbearing cops and vows never to get involved with one.  As a nightclub reviewer for the San Francisco Bay Beat, Paisley spends most nights out partying and so far has avoided any serious romantic entanglements.  Paisley is happy with her life, but all that changes when it becomes apparent that someone is stalking her…someone deadly, who will go to any extreme to get Paisley’s attention.



Inspector Gray Beckham is furious at being pulled off an important investigation in order to baby-sit his captain’s flighty daughter.  She doesn’t even want his protection and tries to ditch him the first time the opportunity arises.  However, Gray soon realizes that the threat to Paisley is very real.  There are dozens of suspects and worse, there may be a leak inside the police department, putting Paisley in even greater jeopardy.  Whether he likes it or not, Gray knows that it is up to him to keep Paisley safe, even if he has to break out his handcuffs.


As Gray and Paisley try to stay one step ahead of the stalker, they begin to change their preconceived notions of each other.  Gray realizes that Paisley is not just sexy, but a smart, determined woman who knows what she wants out of life and isn’t afraid to go after it.  Paisley slowly comes to see Gray as a loving, caring man, not just an overprotective, arrogant cop.  Together, they just might have what it takes to begin a beautiful relationship, but Paisley’s stalker is watching them and he’s decided that if he can’t have Paisley, neither can Gray.


PROTECTIVE CUSTODY is a romantic suspense story that’s definitely heavy on steaminess and sensuality.  Although the stalker plays a central role in this novel, it is really the relationship between Gray and Paisley that draws the reader in.  As these two characters progress from antagonizing each other to bringing each other screaming pleasure in bed, we get to follow along as they start to realize how much they do love one another.  Author Paige Tyler does a terrific job of setting up the mystery surrounding the stalker, as well as giving us glimpses into his mindset without revealing any secrets until the end.  Although I had my suspicions about the stalker’s identity, I was kept guessing right alongside Gray and Paige.  PROTECTIVE CUSTODY is an exciting read and comes highly recommended by this reviewer.


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