Ransom - Northern Border Patrol series, book 4

Author: Terri Reed

Publisher: HQ

Release Date: February 9, 2016

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4

Format: PRINT

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Liz Cantrell leads a quiet life running an antique shop with her sister, Jillian, on Hilton Head Island. When a man breaks into their apartment above the shop, Liz makes a run downstairs to get away from the intruder. When he catches her inside their store, he wants to know where the diamond necklace is. Liz has no idea what he is talking about and breaks away from him to run out onto the street. The intruder runs away after he sees Liz talking to a couple walking their dog.

After Liz's scary ordeal, she receives a call from her newly-wed sister, Jillian, who is supposed to be on her honeymoon. Jillian tells her she has been kidnapped and she needs Liz to bring their mother's jewelry box to Niagara Falls or her captor will kill her. No police or the deal is off.

Liz, not liking to fly, gets on the first plane she can to go to Buffalo, NY. As she gets off the plane, two men stop her and force her to come with them. The men are an ICE federal agent and a Canadian Border Services agent who are looking for the necklace she is carrying. They take Liz to an interrogation room and bring her luggage with them. The agents go through her luggage and find the box they are looking for with the diamond necklace inside. Liz has no idea where the necklace came from, or why her sister has been kidnapped for it. Liz finds out from the agents that Jillian is being held by an illegal contraband smuggler by the name Santini. Jillian's husband works for Santini and stole the necklace from a recent shipment to give to his new bride, thus placing her in danger. The agents give Liz the option of helping them or going to jail. Liz has no choice but to help them so they can help her get her sister back alive.

Blake Fallon is the ICE agent working on the joint task force trying to bring down Santini and his smuggling ring. Blake enjoys Liz's company but realizes his job is too dangerous to get too close to her. Liz doesn't trust men after a bad breakup with a college sweetheart so she is trying to stay away from Blake and his charm. As the story heats up, Liz has to try and not get eager or she will be the one who ends up dead.

RANSOM is a fast-paced story of smugglers, murderers and the law trying to protect innocent people. Terri Reed's expert story-telling keeps you turning the pages until the very end of the characters' ordeals. I couldn't put it down until I had read the last page. Anyone who enjoys suspense will want to read this book.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Diana S

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