By Chrissy Dionne
Feb 13, 2012 - 5:02:08 AM

For one particular young woman vanilla sex is just not satisfying enough.  She longs for something more, something more than mere existence …all that changes when she meets her new boss.  While she knows she’s never met him before there’s something very familiar about him and the passion that brings them together is exactly what she desires – and yet it’s the very thing that’s destroyed them time and time again. 

For him it’s all about the blood, sex and domination.  Nowhere does love enter into the equation.  He even goes so far as to inform her that it’s just a game and he doesn’t love her but that doesn’t stop her emotionally driven response to him.  Unfortunately her love for him and his over the top response leads to their becoming separated lifetime after lifetime. 


Regardless of what form they take during each reincarnation there’s a connection between them that’s impossible to ignore and their interactions are anything but your standard hearts and flowers ‘romance’ but the unique needs and desires they share are what make this such a stimulating novel. 


RE-SCUE is a more intense and startlingly horrific than most titles I’ve read.  Now that being said I was actually fascinated by how Ms. Tolomei was able to jump genres so frequently within one book and still have it all make perfect sense.  The whole theme of the story is a simple one – falling in love can destroy you, but with time and effort love could ultimately save you.   If you’re faint of heart or strongly opposed to the more shocking fetishes then you might want to steer clear of this one but if you’re more adventurous (at least in your choice of reading material) then pick up a copy, sit back and prepare yourself for a heck of a wild ride.


RE-SCUE is the prequel to TASTING LEON’S MARK which was released in April of 2009.

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