Unforgettable - Love in the Fleet, book 4
By Dottie
Apr 14, 2015 - 2:35:19 PM

Royal Navy officer Gwyn Pritchard is on exchange duty aboard the USS New York. Following 9/11, this ship was forged from the steel of the World Trade Center. Since the ashes of the dead from this tragedy were embedded into the steel, the ghosts of these deceased people now wander the USS New York. However, the only one who can see them is Gwyn and she has to be real careful that no one else sees her seemingly talking to herself. Acting as a go-between for the ghosts, who were tasked with completing a mission before moving on to the other side, and the military, Gwyn has managed to save many lives. But there is one person in particular whom she is trying to help, Adam, the man she is falling for. As the only survivor of an IED blast in Afghanistan, U.S. Marine Gunnery Sergeant Adam suffers from PTSD. But with Gwyn's love and the help of her mother, a hypnotherapist who specializes in helping those with this disorder, Adam just may find happiness again.

Meanwhile, Captain Cate Hawkins is the sole survivor of a mission gone awry. She has escaped and is trying to elude the enemy as she attempts to make her way back to the ship, aware of the horrendous plans that her pursuers have in store for her. Navy pilot Nick Nikolopoulos wants nothing more than to save Cate. But since his plane went down on a previous mission, he has developed a fear of flying. Will he be able to overcome this fear to save the woman he loves, perhaps with the help of a few of the ghosts aboard the USS New York?

A deliciously engrossing tale, UNFORGETTABLE, the fourth book in author Heather Ashby's LOVE IN THE FLEET series, was accurately titled. Written in collaboration with retired Major Christopher Bergeron, this story is one that readers will find hard to put down. Combining danger, duty, honor, action-filled missions, terrorists, benevolent ghosts, PTSD, sexy romance, humor and heart, Ms. Ashby and Major Christopher have penned a novel that readers will remember long after the last page is read and the book is closed. This beautifully written, heartwarming story is sexy, filled with adrenaline-infused action and sure to touch the hearts of its readers. I loved catching up with the characters aboard the USS New York once more and I enjoyed the way the ghosts, filled with such care and love, helped those on the ship with their missions as well as their love lives.

This storyline and, in fact, this series offers hope to those suffering from PTSD, but be warned; make sure to have plenty of tissues ready for the healing scenes. These passages are so poignant, allowing those unfamiliar with this disorder to become aware of what so many of our servicemen and women suffer after returning from putting their lives on the line to serve their country.

I gave this novel a rating of five blue ribbons for one main reason; there was nothing higher. Once more, Ms. Ashby and Major Bergeron have penned a winner! This book is a must read, whether you are a fan of military romances or not. Definitely a Recommended Read!

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